Friday, 5 August 2016

Stream Britney Spears' experimental new song 'Private Show'

Stream Britney Spears' experimental new song 'Private Show
Britney Spears said her upcoming ninth studio album, Glory, will be "very different" and "not what you would think at all," and judging by its second single, she wasn't kidding. 

"Private Show," which is streaming now, is nothing whatsoever like its predecessor, the G-Eazy-featuring "Make Me." It brings together doo-wop, bubbly pop and some Gwen Stefani-esque chanting and blends it all together into something that's definitely nothing like what we've heard from the girl who gave us "Lucky." The song was previously teased in a commercial for her newest fragrance. 

While "Private Show" is available to stream everywhere, Glory will stream exclusively on Apple Music when it drops on August 26. 

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